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    Go ,tell the world how beautiful you are ,you are the world’s epitome of beauty ,The greatest of all time ,Your beauty is constant ,it never runs down like battery…More
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    Happy are those who live a pure life, Happy are those who help the needy ,Happy are those who refuse evil, Happy are those who do good and share love…More
    Don’t expect too much from people ,you trust so much ,you don’t even see the uncertainty of the next person ,expectations expected from someone might come to a loose end…More
  • CALM
    Gently as the breeze blows ,swiftly as the birds flew by motion ,shadows boldly on the walls of Peru, the bright colors waving its hands on rewind, The cool air…More
  • OPEN
    My life has been so dramatic, that i feel like am really acting , The events that has occurred were both good and bad ,sometimes i feel the hands of…More
    Fierce lion ,consistent hero ,delightful leader but yet light as a feather .Hard as a rock ,trembles not ,still unshakable, forever rhythm ,flying high like a bird ,unstoppable ,but so…More
    That day is still as fresh as yesterday , The day you were lowered into the ground and buried, All i felt was cold and pain ,I wished for your…More
    Why do you choose to be weak ? Why allow your fears cover you ? You allow every talk ,insult, discouragement get to you ? Why do you always think…More
  • FOOL
    I stand in ovation for you,master of stupidity ,your amazing foolishness cannot be compared ,you stand out among men ,your ways are so wrong that you think you are right…More

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